Random Pokemon Concept Discussion

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  1. SilentSentinel
    If you ever had a cool idea for a pokemon, you can talk about it here and recieve comments and criticism. You can post your own sprites or just text descriptions, and go in depth as you'd like. You could even create a moveset and base stats for your pokemon.

    Also, nothing broken or otherwise overpowered please. If you create a new type, make sure to say what strengths and weaknesses it has.
  2. Mediocrity_Incarnate
    alrighty a concept.

    Concept: Its a solar panel pokemon. Had it in may head for a while. It's based on being able to use charging attacks well so I made sure it had solarbeam and the topaz move solar flare.

    Name: TBD
    Type: Electric/Steel
    Ability: Energy Store (Needs better name): Attacks that normally take two turns to use only take one but use 2 power points
    Egg Group: Genderless
    Dex Entry: TBD

    Base Stats:
    HP: 130
    Atk: 53
    Def: 90
    SAtk: 94
    SDef: 82
    Spd: 77
    BST: 526


    --- Thundershock
    8 Thunder Wave
    13 Iron Defense
    19 Shock Wave
    26 Charge
    34 Flash Cannon
    40 Blinding Ray
    47 Solarbeam
    55 Thunderbolt
    60 Solar Flare
  3. Mediocrity_Incarnate
    Egg Moves: None


    04 Calm Mind
    08 Bulk Up
    10 Hidden Power
    11 Sunny Day
    15 Hyper Beam
    16 Light Screen
    17 Protect
    18 Rain Dance
    21 Frustration
    22 Solarbeam
    24 Thunderbolt
    25 Thunder
    27 Return
    32 Double Team
    33 Reflect
    34 Shock Wave
    42 Facade
    43 Secret Power
    44 Rest
    48 Skill Swap
    52 Focus Blast
    53 Energy Ball
    57 Charge Beam
    58 Endure
    64 Explosion
    67 Recycle
    69 Rock Polish
    70 Flash
    73 Thunder Wave
    74 Gyro Ball
    82 Sleep Talk
    83 Natural Gift
    90 Substitute
    91 Flash Cannon
    92 Trick Room
  4. Mediocrity_Incarnate
    Battle Strategies:
    Name: Energy Store Abuse
    Moves: Rain Dance
    Solar Flare

    Use rain dance. This gives thunder 100% Acc. Normally solarbeam and solar flare would take two turns and be less powerful but since it has energy store as an ability they still only take one turn and are at full power.

    Name: Dual Screen
    Moves: Reflect
    Light Screen

    Set up two screens. Solarbeam takes out ground types that could KO you.

    Name: Rock Polish
    Moves: Rock Polish
    Focus Blast

    Rock Polish then try to sweep.

    Why this pokemon isnt broken: It doesn't have anything that can counter fire types and is quite slow. It would probably end up in UU just because of its speed.

    Closing Remarks: Im taking suggestions on a name for this pokemon.
  5. Cranky Guy
    Cranky Guy
    Heres and idea. Its supposed to be a marowak evo. It is a bone dragon pokemon

    Name: Boragon (Bone+Dragon.)

    Type: Ground/Dragon

    Ability: Levitate

    Egg group: Dragon

    Dex entry: BORAGON are known to fly a very high speeds. It will only listen to the commands of a trainer it thinks is capable enough to be its master.

    Base stats:
    HP: 130
    Atk: 100
    Def: 90
    Satk: 65
    Sdef: 80
    Spd: 110

    BST: 605

    Too lazy to right the TM list though.
  6. SilentSentinel
    605 is a little high. That is into legendary territory, for the best pokemon that aren't legendaries are only 600, and the marowak line was never intended to be a 600 beast. The only non legendary abouve 600 is slaking, but that's because it has a crappy ability. I'm not saying it's not a cool idea, but make it more of like a porygon z or magnezon style evo, where not every stat is brought up so much.
  7. Cranky Guy
    Cranky Guy
    OK. Il reduce the stats.

    HP: 100
    Atk: 90
    Def: 90
    Satk: 60
    Sdef: 78
    Spd: 110

    BST: 528

    Also, a battle strategy.

    Name: Bone Whip
    Moves: Tail whip
    Bone rush

    Tail whip the opponent so that its defense goes down than use Bonemerang because it hits more than once and is quite strong.

    And MI, I want to ask how much PP does Solar Flare and Solar Beam have?
  8. Mediocrity_Incarnate
    They both have ten but if you are using it competition you always have pp max on every move so they would have 16. Basically 8 uses of each move due to the ability.
  9. SilentSentinel
    Yes those Base Stats are fine, and its still a very good pokemon.
  10. SilentSentinel
    Had this one in my head for quite a long time.

    Concept: It's based off of a creature called a Wendigo.

    Name: Wendigasp/Pheralaunt
    Type: Ghost/Dark
    Ability: Thick Fur (Pokemon powers up when hit by ice-type moves, pokemon gaines STAB bonus on Ice moves without being Ice-typed.)
    Egg Group: Monster/Ground
    Dex Entry: TBD

    Base Stats:
    HP: 80
    Atk: 127
    Def: 87
    SAtk: 50
    SDef: 65
    Spd: 124
    BST: 533


    --- Night Slash
    --- Scratch
    5 Leer
    10 Pursuit
    13 Odor Sleuth
    18 Shadow Sneak
    21 Screech
    25 Camoflauge
    30 Ice Fang
    34 Shadow Claw
    39 Glare
    44 Berserker Dance*
    50 Feral Fang*

    Move descriptions:

    Name: Berserker Dance
    Type: Fighting, Support
    BP: ---
    ACC: ---
    PP: 20
    Effect: Raises ATK and SPD by one level.

    Name: Feral Fang
    Type: Dark, Physical
    BP: 120
    PP: 15
    ACC: 100
    Description: This move is used for 2-3 turns then confuses the user.

    I'll do tms and such later.
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