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  1. MK94
    ok cool
  2. MK94
    hay ib so im back i guess but i was wondering if theres anything i could do to get the game chugged out because ive been on a spriting hype of sorts lately so um yah(i never know how to end comversations so um yah)
  3. Stoneheart
    I did some digging around, and I think you can email Photobucket( ), since using the sprites infringes copyright in a way.
    I'm also notifying Arkeis as well, so that they can also file a claim of theft. I hate sprite thieves....
  4. Stoneheart
    Some of Topaz's (and Arkeis' >.>)and sprites from the known pokesite "dragonflycave" have been stolen by a user on Photobucket, where they are using them to make their own fangame. None of the sprites were made by him/her at all.
    The link to the folder

    (It made my day to see an dragonadopts sprite with Pokemon, though. xD)
  5. Sev
    Would you be willing to change my usernane to "Sev"? Thanks. It's kind of weird because I don't use Infinity anywhere else.
  6. Triumph
    Thanks for the notice. For a second there I thought I had access to stuff I wasn't supposed to see and was about to mention it.
  7. Black Temple Gaurdian
    As I said in the SoT, I posted a plee here, but it might be better if you could post as well to clear things up as to what would be needed.
  8. Blade Flight
    If you don't mind, could you introduce that "Random Topaz Pokemon Discussion" Pokemon I had in mind, as opposed to me? It's Atlaxa.
  9. Chronicler
    Haha I kinda figured it was something like that when I saw you had 0 friends, I wasn't sure though. How's life been lately?
  10. locknessjohnson
    Hey ImmunityBow i'm just wondering if there's anything that you need done in regards to the game that doesn't take any skill such as making concept art and sprites because i suck at that.
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