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  1. zeroality
    Hey, I copied all the old completed pokemon topics onto a new forum and I didn't notice till I was done that you have Caldera/Kirant Pokedex forum but it doesn't look like you got very many Pokemon posted in there. So I guess you need to move/delete topics as neccessary and delete the new forum if you want to move everything to C/K Dex forum.
  2. Nokeeo
    Ok, I'll do that One question though, should I program events too? Like, TVs and Npcs?
  3. Nokeeo
    Ah, that's ok Send me the tiles and the Mistvale sketch and I'll make the map then.
  4. Nokeeo
    Here, I uploaded some maps... But they are not exactly complete, since I stopped doing the game long ago, and I changed the tilesets... If there's any map you want me to do, I'll try my best :P - Common town - A village - Castle garden
  5. Nokeeo
    Hey, I was thinking... On the Irc chat, I heard FangKing, the mapper, vanished. Can I be a mapper then? I'm not a total noob, I was developing a game with a friend, but I gave up making it. I'm only asking you if I can really be a mapper and which maps have been completed... :P Okay?
  6. Shizuka
    yup okay im back again, im way to busy but ill try my best to still be here ok
  7. zeroality
    I fished all the old SoTs out of the database and reposted them. I also updated the Updates page with the new links and a couple that weren't even linked at all. Were there any SoTs between 11/27/09 - 02/09/10?
  8. Shizuka
    hey, see i did not leave.
  9. zeroality
    Btw, about my last message - I wouldn't want to start it until the dex is done.
  10. Jupies
    Hi CB
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