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  1. MeekRhino
    Hey, can I get some quick feedback on the safari zone? I'd like to get some work done on it tonight
  2. zeroality
    I wasn't aware. That's pretty cool. Will post, thanks.
  3. Sev
    I was looking through the sprite sheet and looked at that ying yang flying dude kuranpu or something, and his black wing was really small compared to the white one. Just wanted to point that out.
  4. zeroality
    Can we lower the dex approval requirement? 5 seems a bit high with the relative lack of activity and accumulating disinterest in dex edits. How about 4?
  5. zeroality
    Oh BTW, this CMS doesn't have the security stuff that the old Repository had. No archived pages, files in /uploads/ can be deleted, etc. It's just you, Reli, and myself with access so I didn't see the need for it.

    Just FYI, you'll need to be careful as any change you make will be permanent. I'll have no access to older versions of stuff except for the files in /uploads/ which are on my computer. Please do let me know if you add files so I can download them as a backup - just drop a VM or something. Thanks!

    Also I appreciate the info about the icons.
  6. zeroality
    Alright, thanks. Also can you look at the last 2 messages between Reli and myself? He referred me to you.
  7. zeroality
    Arctic Stone is a regular item like Leaf/Water/Thunder Stone right?
  8. Reliability
    I'm not so much worried about people getting distracted, but this is supposed to be a community with a main goal of producing this game. Adding other facets to it that are completely unrelated takes something away from the integrity of the site. A piece of commitment and professionalism gets lost, though it may not be all that noticeable.
  9. Reliability
    There are two main differences that I can note between the Tagal project and the Warioware stuff:
    1) Tagal has asked for help from members here (with mapping being the only real issue, finding stuff online is no big deal). Though it is an indie project, it's still using our community to publicly enlist people to his own project.
    2) Tagal has just started his project, and the discussion so far has been on development.
    As I said before, allowing this might encourage others to stray away from what we're currently willing to allow, and start full-on advertising topics. We have a rule against adverting topics for a reason: to keep a greater focus on the project itself. Advertising in signatures is more acceptable, since it forces contribution to the project to get advertising space.
  10. Reliability
    I don't want to set a standard. Other people may see that topic and start asking things about thier games (perhaps asking for custom things, as we originally thought Tagal was). Having the topic anywhere takes something away from our project.
    But I do see your point, and if you want to open it back up, I won't be angry.
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