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Thread: PokemonTopaz.net Web Stats for June

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    Default PokemonTopaz.net Web Stats for June

    Found a quicker way to do those, so I'll be posting a couple more while I wait on MediaWiki to upload.

    We had 186,289 page views - using 7.52 GB of bandwidth, down from 204,308 in May - which used 9.38 GB of bandwidth.

    82,266 page views were from the United States.
    17,617 were from Canada.
    12,704 were from Russia.
    9,554 were from Great Britain.
    8,796 were from Germany.
    6,506 were from Ukraine.
    The others getting 2,000 or over were France, Australia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, China, Poland, Malaysia, Italy, Israel.

    89.2% of visitors used Windows. (33.1% Win7) (29.3% XP) (23.9% Vista)
    7.9% used Mac. (All OS X)
    1% used Linux.

    41.9% used Internet Explorer. (9.3% IE9) (23% IE8) (4.9% IE7) (3.8% IE6) (0.4% 5.5)
    26.8% used Firefox. (Usage is over several versions)
    19.6% used Chrome. (Usage is over several versions)
    6.7% used Safari. (Usage is over several versions)
    2.4% used Opera. (Usage is over several versions)

    I'm no longer reporting Netscape or Mozilla usage, due to the insignificance.
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