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Thread: Note on Night Vision

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    Default Note on Night Vision

    Due to programming issues with Night Vision granting all moves maxed accuracy in the darkness, it has now been changed to grant a 1.3x accuracy increase similar to Compound Eyes in the darkness. Functionally it's slightly less powerful but still fairly good. Butterfree was useable in Advanced Gen because of 92% accuracy sleep, and the Pokemon with Night Vision have some fairly good stats. Harskrow, for instance, has a 92% Dive Bomb instead of 100%, which is still pretty amazing.

    Just letting you know.

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    If it's found to be too weak, it can always be bumped to, say, 1.5*.
    Also of note is the change from a stat modifier to a multiplier. What doea this mean, I hear you ask? Well, it means that it will take effect even if your pokemon's accuracy stat is maxed out!

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    So, if it is a multiplier, 1.3x is pretty good, 1.5 I think it is too much
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