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Thread: Infermata's OI Adventure

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    Default Infermata's OI Adventure

    Long story short, I will be RPing a Infermata during my Fresh Start on OI and thought I'd post importatn posts here first for you guys to review.

    Logically, here is the tenth first post:
    Light. Flickering Light. It is too bright to ignore, I must get up.
    'Wha- What happened?'
    Around me stands the ruins of a house, faded and crumbling. Light filters in through a window, flickering as a tree outside sways.
    'I can't- I can't remember.'
    There is a mirror propped up against a wall next to a wardrobe.
    'Am I in a bedroom?'
    I recognise the figure in the mirror, it is me. It must be. My tail swishes ideally as I stare at my reflection.
    'There was a lab. Something happened. But what?'
    My thoughts are becoming clearer now, but I still do not remember.
    'Why am I here?'
    I make my way down the stairs, delicately avoiding those to old or ruined to support my weight.
    'It's a house, that much is clear. But why? Why am I in a house, and what is this lab I vaguely remember?'
    Outside is no different, I can see that from the hole where a wall used to be. Its collapse has caused part of the upstairs to cave in.
    'What is this place?'
    There are a few other houses in equal states of disrepair and what appears to be a run-down lab. Trees and tall grass dominate the area. I approach carefully- I still do not know what's going on. The lab appears abandoned. Scattered around I find six spherical objects, Pokeballs. How I know they are Pokeballs is a mystery, but it gives me hope for finding my memories. They are all empty, and one is broken beyond use. Out of the corner of my eye I spot something. In the floor are slight grooves. I reach forward as if to grab it and pull, although I don't know why- It just feels right. To my surprise I can feel the pressure on my fingertips and the bookshelf infront of the grooves begins to move, slowly at first but increasing in speed as rust falls from the hinges.

    I gather up the five working, but empty, Pokeballs and head inside the revealed passageway. Small strip lights that run along the floor flicker on as a generator begins humming. The passageway begins to head down and so I follow. The passage twists and turns, but eventually opens up into a small underground facility. In the centre, stood on a podium, are three Pokeballs. Reaching forward I pick one up. As I do so a red beam shoots out and forms a blue turtle-like creature, a Squirtle. It looks around. Spotting me it Stands upon its hind legs and turns to face me.
    *It has been too long.* It speaks to me.
    *What has become of the outside?*
    I do not know, I cannot remember. For lack of anything else to do, I shrug.

    The Squirtle makes to reply when we both still, having heard the same thing: Voices, and they're getting louder too. The voices approach and two men round the corner.
    "I'm telling you," One says to the other, "This wasn't here before! How was I supposed to know about it?"
    "Who cares," The other replies, "What I want to know is what treasure we can salvage from here?"
    They stop upon seeing the two of use. The first goes to pull out a Pokeball but is stopped by the second.
    "No!" The second hisses. "We may need that if we get attacked heading back to base. Bulbasaur should be more than enough!"
    The first one nods and the second pulls out a Pokeball, sending forth a beam of red light that consolidated into a small green quadruped with a bulb on its back, a Bulbasaur.
    "Bulbasaur, hit that Squirtle with a Tackle attack!" The human yells. Squirtle braces and prepares to strike back with a Tackle attack of its own.

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    It might be worth it to update the OP with a short introduction of what OI is since a significant portion of our active memberbase no longer is shared with OI.

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