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Thread: Mt. Mist - Requirements

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    Default Mt. Mist - Requirements

    Mt. Mist is caldera's only active volcano, although it rarely has eruptions. Its geothermal vents produce the thick fog that envelops Mistvale City and the surrounding areas. It is well known as a breeding ground for Inflare, although lately an increasing number of Whismur has overrun the mountain.
    At the foot of the mountain, there is a Pokémon Academy that teaches new Trainers about status effects and other battling mechanics. It is also home to a Hot Spring with special healing properties.

    Connected to Route 54 and Route 55.

    Requirements to proceed to Route 55:
    Defeat 3 Wild Pokemon and 4 Trainers
    Possible Encounters:



    Note: This is just a placeholder, for now. Come back soon for a Rocket/Orion sidequest!
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