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    Default Profile Sign-Ups

    Welcome to the Pokemon Topaz TRPG! Your adventure begins here, aboard Professor Willow's ship.

    Professor Willow stands expectantly before you. By her side lies three pokeballs, each containing a different Pokemon. The boat rocks with the gentle waves as you make the first major decision of your journey: Which Pokemon will you take?
    On the left is Venap, the flytrap Pokemon.

    In the middle is Echoise, the porpoise Pokemon.

    And on the far right is Celsinge, the lion cub Pokemon.

    Post a topic in the sign-up forum using the following template:
    Character Name:
    Character Gender: 
    Starter Pokemon:
    Rival Name:
    Rival Gender:
    A Profile thread will then be created for you, and an RPG Mod will inform you that you are free to start your adventure thread in the Neo Bay forum.
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