This is an optional sidequest
You must have a Poison-type Pokemon in your party to embark upon this sidequest.

Along the banks of the Abaddon Swamp, there is a man sitting on a rock, gas mask on his lap, looking deject. "Foiled again, foiled again, foiled again!!" he says, clearly upset. He stands up and paces around muttering to himself, "Every time I poison the water supply, some nosy upstart comes here, beats up my Grimer and clears it out, how ever will I get back at Fernando for kicking me out of his gym?" Noticing you, he shouts "You there! Yeah, you!" He holds out a shiny purple CD, it's a TM! "You want this, it's the powerful Sludge Bomb! It's yours if you can successfully poison the Roothaven water supply for me!"

Embarking on this sidequest will require you to face 3 trainers in quick succession, and your Pokemon cannot heal in between. Your Poison-type Pokemon will be at work poisoning the water supply, if it faints, you fail the sidequest.

Completion of this quest will give you TM 36 Sludge Bomb. However, doing this will mark you on your personal profile, and a Wanted! sign will be placed on the Topaz Bazaar. Other players along the same route as you (Cities are safe) may then choose to battle you and bring you back to Roothaven City, costing you 1000P or the equivalent in items and money.