This is an mandatory sidequest. However, you may return and repeat it as many times as you like.

In a central position of Mistvale City lies this famed dojo, run by old-timer Hanzo. In the dojo boys and girls of all ages train in ninjutsu and other martial arts, mastering themselves and their Pokemon in the use of Fighting and Poison techniques. Members of the dojo can increase their standing in the order by declaring a challenge, in which they must fight in order the weakest member of the dojo to the strongest member successively without rest. They then take the position behind the member who defeats them. In order to give the members some experience fighting outside of the dojo, Hanzo has blocked off the route to Mt. Mist and posted a challenge to all adventurers. Adventurers may challenge the dojo in exchange for prizes and eternal honour and glory... as well as for the option to proceed through Route 54.

In this event, you must fight successively stronger trainers without rest until you are defeated. The trainers and levels are to the mod's discretion.

1. Koga - 12 defeated
2. Hanzo - 10 defeated
3. Ninja Girl Taki - 9 defeated
4. Black Belt Ken - 9 defeated
5. Ninja Boy Uzu - 8 defeated

1-5 trainers defeated: 100P x # of trainers defeated
6-10 trainers defeated: 200P x # of trainers defeated
11-15 trainers defeated: Resist Scarf + 200P x # of trainers defeated
#1 place standing: Your choice of or
1st time participation: Ultra Ball