Between the twin cities of Hollowlog City and Kalypso City lies the regional Cycling Road of Caldera/Kirant. As the only land-based access point between these two regions, this route is frequented by all sorts of trainers, travellers, tourists and merchants who do not have access to water or air transportation via Pokemon or otherwise. As such, this is reflected in the nature of the two cities it connects. Hollowlog City has always been Caldera's most fortified city, and when Caldera and Kirant were at war many centuries ago it served as a natural garrison at the bottleneck for all land-based attacks. Kalypso City, which was built after the war, grew with the Cycling Road to be a great "tourist trap" destination as would be expected in the enterprising Kirant lands. As such, all sorts of people can be found making the crossing: swimmers and ladies looking to sip cocktails in the sun, hikers looking to explore the great wilds of Caldera, or good old cyclists who want to complete the route in as little time as possible. Almost all of them, of course, are willing to stop at any point for a quick battle.

Connected to Hollowlog City and Kalypso City.

Requirements to proceed to Kalypso City: 6 Trainer Battles

There are no Wild Pokemon on this Route.