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Thread: Getting in Touch on Discord

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    Default Getting in Touch on Discord

    Hi all. Thought it would be good to get back in touch via Discord and see what everyone's up to those days.

    I don't have a room setup but if enough people pm me about it, we can make one.

    Mine is kassad#9991

    Not much new to report with me, other than I'm really into Forge of Empires now. If anyone wants to try it out pm me first so I can hit you up with a referral link so you land in same world.

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    Hey there!

    I created a Topaz Development discord server last year, actually! A handful of us have been in there for a while. I was planning to open it up to everyone on the forums once I had a demo ready to share, but since the topic has come up I'll just go ahead and share it now.

    Topaz Development

    This server is primarily for discussing my ongoing effort to revive Pokemon Topaz by building it inside the Pokemon Emerald decompilation. The following parts are complete:

    * All Topaz mons inserted into the game
    * Topaz front and back sprites resized and recolorized to satisfy engine constraints
    * Topaz menu icons sprited and inserted
    * Topaz items sprited, inserted and implemented
    * Topaz abilities implemented
    * Topaz moves implemented (not animated)
    * All maps through Mt Mist created or recreated
    * Story playable through Softwind City (2 badges)
    * Wild encounters
    * Trainers
    * Physical/special split
    * Cries (in progress) roughly 20% complete
    * Shiny palettes
    * Cranewing City Bank
    * 12-badge layout for trainer card

    New Features:
    * Quest tracking system
    * Misc quality of life improvements
    - HMs don't have to be learned to be used, just learnable
    - Description/icon pop-up on item pickup
    - "Use next repel" pop-up

    I hope you all will join the discord to follow along with this project! I could use your help with several non-coding aspects, as well as simply providing feedback and discussion as I work through development.

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