Only 5 more days until my birthday~ I'll be away camping during that time but I'll be back for another week after that (Saturday) before I leave.

Anyway, active members seem to come in waves, don't they? First it was the wave that is now pretty much entirely yellow-named, then more came like MeekRhino and PikaFreaka, then now we've got some new members while the last wave has receded. Hopefully people will feel like coming back and hanging out with the new guys.

Anyway, we received a few applications for mods, and we decided that it'd be better to have two to do the job. The people chosen look like they'd make a great team. Both of them wrote excellent applications, have priorities that seem to show that they'd share the work well, and to quote, each of them wrote this for part of the last question:

1. I would use Mod abilities to trace the E-Mail addresses of usually-active members, and bug as many as I can through E-Mail to log on.

2. Well I know that the thing I don't want to do is bulk-email as that would seem quite desperate (and I'm pretty sure a mod cant bulk-email anyways).

You just know they'll work well together.

Congrats to our two new mods, MewLoverEX and Chronicler! Instructions and general stuff will come later. Special mention goes to Pokepoindexter and Shiny Metagross who both applied and were strong in the running as well. The decision was tough.

So, what has happened the over a month since I last posted an SoT? </swt>

Pokedex Entries have been slowing down as they near to an end (only 10 more to go!) But as always, it'd be great if people went and commented on the four that are up right now. It'd also be great if people post ideas for some particularly difficult ones like Cumuloft, Engil, Duval and the like in this topic so that we can get topics up for those Pokemon too. Let's get this finished!

There are always little things that need to be fixed with movesets, abilities, sizes, things like that, and that sometimes aren't so black and white. That's why I try to put them up so people can voice their opinions on the subject. These little corrections appear in the handy Little Corrections topic, and so if people could take a little time to go and check it out, I'd be grateful. The current issues are:

Replacement for Shatter on Huskii/Tundrolf/Wolfrost. Change Caribrisk from "Tundra Pokemon" to something else? Increase Mallarge's size to 6'5" Remove Calm Wind from Cumuloft's moveset and replace it with something else.

Wild Encounter Rates. Mt. Frost Shrine was done but not much here. For OI, I've done like 3 topics in the past month but I promise that I'll ramp up when I come back from my vacation. I'll have lots of free time then and plenty of ideas which I will be thinking up as I would not be thinking about exams.

Okay, revamps are dead, and no one seems interested in picking them back up. Those who feel like they can't contribute in other areas of the project, this is for you! The Slo family and Eeveelutions say hello and want to get to know you!

On a happier note, we now have 3 trainer sprites up and ready for commenting upon on the Trainer Sprites decisions thread 2. If you'd like to see them here, here's a quick glance at them:

And so on that note, I bequest you to keep on browsing the forum and commenting where you feel it's necessary! Have a nice month!