In ImmunityBow's absence, Chronicler and I have been asked to do this week's State of Topaz. I know it's image heavy, but Topaz's art has advanced a lot recently. We haven't had a SoT since June 13th, and there have been a lot of updates...

The back sprites for the current heroine are a work in progress (will update tonight, if possible) and can be found here:

PapaLulu27 has submitted Sugimori-style concept art for the starters and Typhinda:

The hero sprites that have been submitted thus far are, in order of submission: A.) By ImmunityBow and MewLoverEX B.) By PapaLulu27 Overworlds for both- by PapaLulu27- can be found here, as well as the above concept art: PapaLulu27 and I are in a sprite war, which is also in the above thread.

Concept art by DracoNyon has also been submitted.

The Pokedex Entries for Cirroft, Duval, Chiarame, Malduval, and Serberine could use some input. But, the Pokedex is coming along; hang in there, guys! Reliability has been doing a great job with the back sprites for the Pokemon in Topaz, which can be found here:

Novoni's (excellent) Arowana update:

Axel has updated multiple Pokemon (which are looking wonderful):

PapaLulu27 has updated Firrel, given Gashawk a backsprite, and posted multiple icons:

PikangX has been working on Pokemon cries:

I know I've missed a lot, because everyone has been very helpful lately, and I just can't post it all. Thanks go out to everyone who has helped Topaz get to where it is today! Keep on posting, and we can surprise ImmunityBow when he gets back!