Almost 3 weeks have passed, so I think it's time for another status update.

Firstly, I'd like to recognize PapaLuLu27's wonderful contributions to Topaz in the icons, concept art and general spriting departments. Thusly, he has been awarded Valued Contributor status! Feel free to extend him a warm congratulations, as well as a thank you for what he has done for us so far.

Also, there's a new Role Play Forum, in which you can make RP games to play with your friends! They don't have to be Pokemon themed, so feel free to make up your own RP with your own themes and have a little fun.

Now, onto progress:

Speaking of PapaLuLu27... have you seen the awesome icons he just made for us!? The starters and the Lupine line are now finished, thanks to his efforts. Apart from the ones we've already seen, here are the new ones! I'd suggest people to post opinions on them except that I don't think there's really much to improve )= . But if you do find something post them up!

He's also been working on a new sprite for the : Which is currently competing with for official status. Any suggestions for him?

The Region Map has had an update: Cranewing City now shows its map and Roothaven City's description has had a minor update:

Reliability has provided us with a Pokemon Topaz Facebook Group feel free to join the group and invite your friends! Currently there are only two members so let's get this thing going!

Cumuloft finally has a topic up on the Pokedex Entries forum. So, if people could go and post their opinions with regards to the entries submitted there as well as the other open topics, that would be grand. 6 more entries until the Topaz Pokemon are finished!

Since Fishing hasn't received any more opinions, I guess my own are the only ones that are important. So, an actual official Caldera/Kirant Pokedex list will come out soon which will be immensely helpful with... everything. If you've got any qualms just hop by the topic.

Little Corrections Topic issues still are in contention... or not so much in contention in that there's no real arguing going on. Anyway, we need opinions on these: Change Caribrisk from "Tundra Pokemon" to something else? Remove Calm Wind from Cumuloft's moveset and replace it with something else.

In general there's some little stuff that still needs discussion, things like Move Tutors, revamps, Safari discussion, Demo item appearances and such. Most of the little data stuff is done, so thanks to all who helped out with those. (bis). Not much has really changed in these respects, this is a good place to inject your bit of activity if you're looking for one. Ideas are always nice to have! (bis).... Wait, did I just bis twice!?

Ragingprimeape has done an awesome job with NPC Lines up to Cetacea. They have stalled lately because on the Contributor forum we've been trying to come up with a decent Rocket/Orion plotline that isn't so confusing (Thanks GREATLY to ragingprimeape here as well!) This is also why OI progress on Caldera/Kirant has stalled of late, though now I think there's enough plot that I can start working on them again. BUT. Don't forget that NPC Lines aren't just a one-man job! Anyone can help! So if you happen to think up a line that would work perfectly on an NPC character then feel free to post it up!

More scripts! Have you checked out ideas for the Sunken Ship plotline? Phoenixsong has brewed up a wonderful tale that you just might want to check out! I can't wait to put this one up on OI and ingame :3

Battle Platforms haven't received any progress. I guess that's my cue to finish the first indoor one and allow people to just recolour that one. Unless someone else would like to do it first...

On the programming front, Leithality and Fangking will be needing data on Abilities Implementation. Ragingprimeape has given us a wonderful start but if people could check the list and see if they can find other instances in which the abilities would take account that'd be wonderful.

Finally, TCG. *rubs hands*. Thanks to Phoenixsong's diligent research we now have a semi-official set list. And several people have been posting card ideas which is awesome! Special mention goes to PapaLuLu27's expertly done Venap: Done with Cascade Gonpory blanks and other such awesome things, not least of which is his own incredible Venap concept art. But Pokemon are the only cards in Pokemon Cards. There's also Trainers! See if you can post your ideas for those too! Glad to see the ball's rolling for this!

Thanks for sticking by!