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    Default Topaz Pokedex Entries

    Venap: VENAP produces a sweet aroma from glands in the back of its mouth. It uses this to attract prey into its gaping maw.

    Traplent: TRAPLENT is known to hide among dense foliage and ambush prey that pass by. Due to its nocturnal habits, it is seldom encountered.

    Dionare: DIONARE hides deep in forests where the sun's rays do not shine. It wraps up prey with its vines in the darkness, and swallows it whole.

    Celsinge: CELSINGE makes a den for the night by gathering wood and setting it on fire. It sleeps in the middle of the inferno, which provides warmth and protection.

    Fahramane: FAHRAMANE's fur has been found to act as a solar insulator. By sunbathing, it keeps warm in the cold CALDERA nights.

    Kelvoyant: KELVOYANT's skillful manipulation of fire is a subject of envy for many pyromaniacs. It is regarded as a master strategist, preferring to win battles with the mind rather than with the flame.

    Echoise: A brilliant glow emits from ECHOISE's tail. It is often found wheeling and dashing playfully through the waves, sending spirals of light careening through the deep waters.

    Mermeidon: MERMEIDON can emit high-pitched supersonic screeches at will. Gentle by nature, they will usually deafen their foe when threatened and flee.

    Dolphure: To watch a DOLPHURE swim is to be treated to a spectacle of light and color. It often performs at sea-based Pokemon shows, where it is a favorite attraction of the audiences who flock there.

    Firant: FIRANT have been known to purposely set small fires to help incubate their eggs. They rely on their swarm to help put the fire out afterwards.

    Pyroon: The hot carapace of a PYROON burns foes upon contact. This defense protects it until evolution.

    Pyreign: PYREIGN's four front limbs can act as arms when necessary. In bouts of aggression, PYREIGN flares up and attacks anything it sees.

    Fincherp: The fluid inside a growing FINCHERP's egg is very sticky. Even after hatching, FINCHERP still has some of its shell stuck to its feathers.

    Gashawk: GASHAWK is prone to great bouts of pride and vanity. It spends hours each day preening itself in an effort to remain superior amongst others of its kind.

    Eaglair: Despite its vicious appearance, EAGLAIR possesses a remarkably beautiful voice. Passerby infringing on its territory are lulled to sleep by its haunting song, only to wake up with deep scratches.

    Mogel: MOGEL love games and sports of all types. At sporting events, groups of MOGEL can outcheer crowds four times their size.

    Firrel: Many popular celebration routines were in fact inspired by FIRREL. In battle, its boundless energy confuses and eventually wears out opponents, often making it the victor by default.

    Ampure: AMPURE are fascinated by their own electric ability. Many a city's power has been temporarily interrupted due to AMPURE experimenting on power lines.

    Ohmure: OHMURE has nearly 20,000 volts of electricity coursing through its fur at any given time. It must hop around constantly to keep itself properly grounded.

    Lupine: LUPINE's large ears alert it to even the slightest rustle of leaves. A curious puppy, it will often chase after any sort of sound it hears.

    Canileaf: A CANILEAF pack crouches in tall grass, stalking oblivious prey. They surround the victim, and jump out of the grass to attack together.

    Wolvine: WOLVINE constantly hones its combat skill in preparation for battling WOLFROST. Grounded in ancient martial arts doctrine, it can disarm as easily as it can destroy opponents in battle.

    Jalsida: JALSIDA's flight speed has been clocked in excess of 130 km/h. Often, bug catchers hunting for one will only hear a faint buzzing before it has already passed them by.

    Inflare: INFLARE's body is composed of a flint-like material. In order to remain ablaze, it must constantly strike its body against conductive metallic surfaces.

    Ingero: INGERO dwells inside mile-long tunnels of molten rock deep beneath volcanoes. During eruptions, they are sometimes carried up to the surface by rising magma.

    Jackalant: Unlike most plants, JACKALANT photosynthesizes using light from the moon. In the spring, a blossom grows on its head that only opens up at night.

    Phantern: Legends say that inside PHANTERN burns a candle that never goes out. The flame is nourished by the anger and suffering of those around it.

    Moocalf: As MOOCALF grows, its temperament changes to suit its gender. While a female becomes calm and serene, a male becomes exceedingly aggressive.

    Skalloy: SKALLOY flutters from place to place, searching for metals to assimilate into its body. While its body is very soft at first, the mixture of materials it accumulates causes it to harden.

    Barkub: BARKUB is obsessive about movement and will instantly chase anything that moves. The only thing that will stop it from chasing something is the temptation of food.

    Vixun: Although small, VIXUN likes to playfully scare bigger POKeMON by shooting fire at them. When VIXUN is extremely happy, its tail will split.

    Embear: Many campers attempt to approach EMBEAR because of its cute appearance. This is a costly mistake, as EMBEAR's protective GRIZLARE mother is never far away.

    Grizlare: GRIZLARE proudly defends its territory from any intruders. Forest fires can break out when two GRIZLARE clash in heated combat.

    Smallard: SMALLARD's behavior has been the subject of much scientific controversy ever since it was discovered. It is prone to outrageous acts such as roaring deafeningly or even blowing fire.

    Kondria: When hiding from prey, only the shoots on KONDRIA's head can be seen. Unfortunate Pokemon will nibble on these shoots, which promptly inflict the victim with a debilitating poison.

    Grific: From the moment it is born, GRIFIC begins flying practice. They float between branches of trees, increasing the distance until they can fly for miles before stopping.

    Gryphonic: GRYPHONIC is extremely proud, and quick to anger. When hunting, it dives towards its prey at MACH I speed, deftly ripping and slashing with its powerful talons.

    Stribra: Every time STRIBRA becomes enraged, static electricity crackles from its hooves. Scientists have recently discovered that STRIBRA uses the static to make its legs move faster than should be possible.

    Abyssus: Where ABYSSUS walks, an enormous shadow follows. Those stricken by catastrophe are said to feel safe and calm in the overwhelming darkness it brings.

    Harskrow: At night, HARSHKROW gather in swarms, performing strange rituals similar to those of witches. In the past, alchemists used their feathers as ingredients in various potions and elixirs.

    Cackinge: The fiend of the desert, it is believed that the aroma of a CACKINGE is the true cause of hallucinations rather than the heat.

    Bakurge: The stronger the glow of the gems on BAKURGE'S arms, the more energy is stored in its body. When angry, the sound of its pounding fists is easily mistaken for thunder.

    Whispaw: Though WHISPAW is nocturnal, it has no form of night vision. It instead uses the fire on its front paws to light its way through the darkness.

    Coroona: COROONA's mantle shines brightest when it is trying to attract a mate. Humans symbolize the COROONA's legendary passion for its mate by sending a COROONA plushie to a loved one.

    Scorchion: SCORCHION like to live in hot, arid places under the sand. Once it senses vibrations over its hiding spot, it stings the victim with its venomous tail.

    Equill: EQUILL is prone to frequent bouts of dizziness. Its stumbling about perplexes its predators, providing it an unusually high survival rate.

    Cascadet: Using its powerful tail, CASCADET leaps out of the water to catch insects hovering above. It leaves a shimmering, crystal-clear arc of water in its wake as it dives back in.

    Trillogill: TRILLOGILL adjusts its shape almost constantly. It settles on the form that has served it best upon reaching maturity, whether it be for chasing prey or for protection.

    Tidasale: TIDASALE exhibits an amount of patience rarely seen in other POKEMON. It slowly saws through a rock face to make a groove deep enough to spawn its eggs.

    Quiisord: Male QUIISORD fight using their long, sharp snouts to determine mating rights. Early fencing came about from the duels of bored seafarers using washed-up QUIISORD snouts on long voyages.

    Tsunall: TSUNALL is known by sailors the world over as "The Aquatic Beserker". Once enraged, this Pokemon will thrash wildly, striking anything nearby with its rock-hard head.

    Slowpriest: SLOWPRIEST leads a simple life, taking actions only as a necessity. When exterminating evil spirits, it taps its staff on the ground and murmurs incantations in a long-forgotten language.

    Drakodo: DRAKODO's acidic saliva can eat through steel with little effort. A fierce predator, it stands at the top of its food chain, daring any soul brave enough to challenge its superiority.

    Blitzfaust: BLITZFAUST's strict sense of honor forms the basis for its martial arts. Though its attacks are predictable, they are executed with great power and expertise.

    Vilephist: VILEPHIST is the master of deceit. Many a fight has been lost due to its underhanded tactics, which include feigning innocence and surrender.

    Gargoth: GARGOTH are very timid, as they are often bullied when they encroach on a CRAGOYLE's territory. They spend their time searching for a building to call their own.

    Cragoyle: CRAGOYLE has a reputation as a fierce sentinel, confidently protecting its building from trespassers. It can often be found perched on the top of its building, scanning its surroundings.

    Brontogon: BRONTOGON's foliage serves as camouflage against potential aggressors. Its massive size has earned it the nickname "The Forest Sentinel".

    Chloreon: The vibrant green leaves on CHLOREON's body grow, fall and regrow in a continuous cycle. The leaves left on the ground eventually root through vegetative propagation to become new plants.
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    Chiarame: The behavior of each of CHIARAME's heads can easily be determined by their eye colour. Red signifies aggressiveness, blue signifies passiveness and yellow, greed.

    Serberine: The three heads of SERBERINE make it the ideal guard dog; alert, vigilant, and always awake. KIRANT's leading security systems operator, SERBER-i, uses this pokemon as their logo.

    Seraph: SERAPH flies to the heavens when the sky is overcast. Wheeling through the clouds, it creates holes that allow sunlight to stream to the earth.

    Misticade: MISTICADE make their home in old, abandoned lighthouses. At night, one can see them floating out to sea, guiding the ghosts of shipwrecks and lost sailors back to shore.

    Phantasomo: Bound by the rings chaining it to servitude, PHANTASOMO sings to express its sorrow. Its haunting, wordless dirge resonates not in the ears of the listener, but in the mind.

    Mirust: MIRUST make their home in the deserted helmets of fallen knights. They can be heard clinking their chains at night, solemnly wandering through ancient battlegrounds.

    Ferrian: Eternally competitive, FERRIAN constantly searches for opponents to duel. At night, this Pokemon can be seen in cemeteries, seeking out kindred spirits.

    Cirroft: Almost invisible to the naked eye, CIRROFT hovers at altitudes of over 7000 metres. Gathering water vapour into its body, it becomes heavy enough to descend to the levels of the tallest mountains.

    Cumuloft: CUMULOFT is able to reduce its density at will in order to rise and fall through the atmosphere. It enjoys being carried around by wind currents and never stays in the same area for long.

    Destado: The spinning of a DESTADO's wind tunnel can exceed speeds of over 300 mph. The larger this POKEMON grows, the more powerful its spinning becomes.

    Frostorm: Clumps of water vapour freeze into large chunks of ice in FROSTORM's body. It releases its load when the weight and density of the ice reaches a critical point, much to the dismay of those below.

    Nimbolt: NIMBOLT spend days floating low over the ocean collecting water and purifying it with supercharged static electricity. It is known to be quite violent when awakened unexpectedly.

    Spidream: Victims of SPIDREAM's bite are often afflicted with recurring, terrifying dreams of spiders. Many native tribes create dreamcatchers from the silk, believing it wards off nightmares.

    Arachmare: The mere presence of ARACHMARE causes a waking slumber in nearby creatures. It is known to hypnotize its prey before wrapping them in webs.

    Purior: Even the weakest of PURIOR have a strong sense of justice. A popular cartoon depicts a talking Purior that must battle evildoers in order to save its home town from destruction.

    Huskii: HUSKII parts from its mother soon after it is born. Often, traders will adopt stray pups to train them to pull cargo through snow on sleds.

    Tundrolf: This pokemon lives upon the cold, empty slopes of Mt. Frost. On crystal-clear nights, the sound of TUNDROLF's lonely howl echoes for miles.

    Wolfrost: The alpha male WOLFROST leads its pack through the frigid tundra at a breakneck pace. Entire trails in Mt. Frost have been cleared by a WOLFROST pack's ability to break boulders with their bare paws.

    Iglonia: The shape of IGLONIA's shell is the inspiration for the igloo houses found in northern Caldera. Heat is trapped inside the rounded dome, allowing IGLONIA to survive subzero temperatures.

    Polara: POLARA spends much time swimming and playing in the water with others of it's kind. It greatly dislikes the salt crust that forms on its fur as a result, and rolls around in the snow to wash it off.

    Polarice: Though POLARICE is an excellent swimmer, it prefers to ride on small icebergs to travel across water. This allows it to catch fish without frightening them away.

    Leoracle: LEORACLE can use telepathy to project thoughts into the minds of humans. The Oracles of The Frost Shrine hold it in high regard for this purpose.

    Khaphix: Ancient peoples worshipped KHAPHIX as a living god. Using its potent psychic abilities, it helped to build the pyramids outside Saharan City.

    Flintusk: Cave drawings in the Eye of Sand indicate that FLINTUSK once roamed the area freely. Recent discovery of well-preserved tusks has lead many to speculate a possible revival.

    Metusk: METUSK had large metal plates on its icy body to protect it from brutal attacks. As the climate warmed, their bodies weakened, causing the heavy armor to slowly crush them.

    Allufang: ALLUFANG's claws and teeth found as fossils in Caldera are still razor sharp. Using a single tooth and various cloning techniques, it has been resurrected from extinction by modern science.

    Kunaiga: Using its foot-long fangs, KUNAIGA could take down prey many times larger than itself. Its bite leeched body heat, causing immobility and hypothermia in its victims.

    Duval: When DUVAL dance around a sleeping traveler, dark nightmares quickly arise into the person's mind. Soon, dizzy from the dance, the little demons stumble and fall, halting their mischief.

    Malduval: Extremely wild and capricious, MALDUVAL can only be caught by those blessed with patience and courage. Its tendencies swing wildly from aggressiveness to laziness and gluttony.

    Engil: ENGIL's voice is sweeter-sounding than that of any human. Musicians often use recordings of its pitch-perfect voice to help tune their instruments.

    Benengil: BENENGIL can not tolerate violence, often fleeing in disgust when uprisings occur. Many have been reported to fly around restlessly, unable to stay in one place due to the inevitability of conflict.

    Goldrake: GOLDRAKE spends much of its time collecting treasure from sunken ships. It hoards these valuables to sleep on, in preparation for evolution.

    Arowana: Scales shed by AROWANA are often sought for their use in jewelry-making. To repair its golden hide, it uses coins looted from sunken galleons.

    Atlaxa: ATLAXA appear where famine has struck, wandering off in search of food. It is said that giving it a good meal can bring you wonderful luck for days.

    Thoraxa: Limbs lost by THORAXA will regenerate after a few weeks. When ground to a powder and consumed, THORAXA's bones have impressive curative properties.

    Illumbra: An ILLUMBRA's scepter is actually a bone donated by its strongest Thoraxa warrior. It rules over its tribe with unchallenged authority.

    Snarliger: SNARLIGER's large green eyes are rumored only to reflect moonlight. This Pokemon's shadow consists entirely of an umbra, no matter how light is cast upon it.

    Noctiger: NOCTIGER is most active at night, sleeping most of the day. Often restless, it has been known to travel long distances in complete darkness to burn excess energy.

    Raiger: Seeing RAIGER is a rare occurrence, as they are naturally shy of humans. They are responsible for bringing rain to the mountains where they live.

    Gypseer: GYPSEER appears as a traveling gypsy to all except those with the strongest of wills. It selects individuals on its travels and tells them their future with startling accuracy.

    Tagati: TAGATI spent many centuries amazing undeveloped cultures with illusions and tricks. It now uses theater as an outlet for its illusory talents and passion for entertainment.

    Neichia: Many philosophies on self-defense are based off NEICHIA's teachings to ancient monks. It was last sighted seated on a high mountain, its entire being steeped in deep meditation.

    Kuranpu: Deeply disturbed by conflict, KURANPU appears at times of great imbalance. Its devotion to harmony is the reason for its title as the mediator of all disputes.

    Unicrown: UNICROWN represents the balance of nature's unrestrained power. Legends say that it races down from the heavens during a solar eclipse, striking both awe and fear in those who see it.

    Typhidna: TYPHIDNA is regarded as the bringer of catastrophe. Keeping ancient tradition, sailors today ask for this POKEMON's mercy before setting sail.

    Kipporok: Stories have been told through the ages of KIPPOROK appearing at the sites of natural disasters, lending assistance. However, lack of hard evidence has lead many to believe its existence a myth.
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