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Thread: Backsprites: What Needs Editing and What Can Wait

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    Default Backsprites: What Needs Editing and What Can Wait

    See title.

    I don't know if anyone is going to come along and want to edit backsprites, but this does have to be done, as many of the ones up there aren't perfect. The list below is everything (IMO) that needs editing as of right now.
    Note that very few of the sprites are actually official, but these are the ones that I feel are the worst quality and should be seen to first, or are really easy to fix. The list will be updated as time passes. Hopefully we can eventually get really good sprites before the game is fully programmed sometime in the future.

    Embear--Just poor quality. Probably needs to be re-done.
    Pythang--really shouldn't be a side view. Needs to be re-done.
    Huskii--Head is a little large, shading issues.
    Polara--snow on the shoulder is awkward
    Khaphix--The lines are crooked, could use some cleaning up
    Kuranpu--Needs to be smaller, too large comapred to other sprites.
    Typhidna--Lacks the right number of heads. Should probably be re-done.

    Kondria--The spikes on the head should make more of a crest (see Weavile for ref)
    Tellure--Just sloppy. May need to be larger
    Iglonia--SOME black outlines.
    Unicrown--Needs to face the opponent. Needs to be re-done.
    Slowpriest--Probably just needs black outlines for now.
    Grizlare--Needs to be much larger
    Bakurge--Sloppy. Needs to be redone
    Kunaiga--Sloppy, especially around the body and icicle area.

    Also note, I authored most of these, so I can be harsh with my own work. If someone else's sprite is up for editing, I will be less harsh.
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