Pokémon Topaz - Held Item Sprites

These are the new and unique held items that will be available in Pokémon Topaz.

Blessed Ankh - Powers up Light-type moves by 10%. Used to evolve Slowpoke into Slowpriest.
Burning Coal - If the holder of this item gets hit by a physical move, the opponent will be Burned. One-time use.
Milk Incense - Boosts effect of healing moves/items by 20%. Allows Miltank to give birth to Moocalf.
Diamond Dust - Holder is immune to Spikes and Cinders.
Char Incense - Boosts Fire-type attacks by 10%. Allows Arcanine/Ninetales to give birth to Barkrub/Vixun.
Iron Incense - Boosts defense of Steel-types by 10%. Allows Skarmory to give birth to Skalloy.
Jagged Herb - Activates and as long as Pokémon remains on field, critical hit rate is increased 20%. One-time use.
Laser Lens - Allows Normal and Fighting type attacks to hit Ghost Pokémon.
Magma Stone - When holder is hit by a Water-type move, this stone absorbs the attack then becomes a Plain Stone.
Magic Herb - If an attack can inflict a status condition, the chances of it doing so are tripled. One time use.
Plain Stone - When holder is hit by a Fire-type move, this stone absorbs the attack then becomes a Magma Stone.
Resist Scarf - Reduces damage from all super effective attacks by 15%.
Rivalry Orb - Evolves Zangoose and Seviper upon level-up when held by these Pokémon.
Sacred Veil - Extends duration of Light Screen, Reflect, and Water Wall to 8 turns.
Shrapnel - Scatters a layer of Spikes around opponent when holder is hit by a physical attack. One time use.
Solar Cell - Negates charge for Solar Flare and Solarbeam at cost of 2 PP. Weather other than Sun cancels out effect.
Spungy Herb - Recovers half of the damage received when holder is attacked. One time use.
Thorn Plant - Inflicts 1/8 Recoil on foe when user is struck by a contact move.
Toxic Slime - Inflicts Toxic on opponent when holder is hit with a special attack. One time use.
Umbra Crest - Evolves Absol, Murkrow, and Cacturne upon level-up when held by these Pokémon.
Vital Herb - Prevents Recoil damage. One time use.
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