Pokémon Topaz - Storyline

Neo Bay is a small, quiet fishing community, isolated from the surrounding lands of Caldera and Kirant. The locals live peacefully and harmoniously, never bringing conflict into the lives of their families. This small village is also home to three young friends: you, the strong-willed Bradley and the timid Simon, who was also Bradley's adopted brother. The three of you grow up together in the sheltered atmosphere of Neo Bay, blissfully unaware of the conflict that is growing in the outside world.

One foggy morning, you and your friends were playing at the beach when a mysterious Pokemon rose out of the water. As none of you were old enough to own a Pokemon of your own, you were no match for the giant creature. Before there was time to escape, the Pokemon grabbed Simon and carried him away. All you and Bradley could do was watch as the creature and Simon disappeared into the fog.

Years pass and nothing is heard about Simon. The citizens of Neo Bay chose to ignore the pain associated with the disappearance and pretended that Simon never existed. You and Bradley continue to learn as much as possible about the Pokemon that took Simon away, but there was very little that could be done while still in Neo Bay and the two of you soon gave up hope.

News soon reached your village of the return of Team Rocket in full force. Their leader, a man named Giovanni, had returned from training and had established his base somewhere in Caldera and Kirant. It was unknown what they were seeking, but it was rumoured to be very powerful. As well, another group has resurfaced called the Orion Defenders. Long ago, this group fought to protect ancient Pokemon from those who wished to exploit them. Under their new leader, a woman named Ophelia, the Defenders pledged to stop Team Rocket by any means necessary.

Afraid for Simon's welfare in the world that seemed to be getting more dangerous, you and Bradley were more determined than ever to find him. But leaving Neo Bay would be difficult, since none of the citizens would ever take you to the mainland, especially since you were without any protection. But one day, a stranger came to Neo Bay. Professor Willow was rumoured to be searching for clues to the location of a legendary Pokemon, and that she had with her several rare Pokemon. She also arrived with her own ship...

You and Bradley realized what you had to do. If you were going to leave Neo Bay and find Simon, your key to escaping was the Professor...

At some point in the game, you will have to choose between joining Team Rocket or joining the Orion Defenders. Who will you join?

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