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Thread: Revamped Grific Art

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    Default Revamped Grific Art

    So after looking at my old concept art for Grific I was horrified to find out that version has a nasty case of cellulite. So I made a new one really fast. Like 45 min fast. I feel it is loads better so if the old one could be replaced with this one that would be super.

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    Could we keep both up? I really like the old one. It's my favourite one that we have currently, actually.

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    Yeah art kind of works like that. Right after you're done you're excited to show it to everyone else, thinking "I've worked so hard on this and it's awesome!" and then one or two years later you can't bear the sight of it. If you really want it down I'll replace it but I'm also with Reliability that I like the other one as well and wouldn't mind having both of them up there.

    Onto this one, I love the tail, though it looks like fire to me.

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    I can't see anything wrong with either version.

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