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  1. Happy New Year!
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  4. i lol'd at this pic for some reason
  5. concept of 'standard' phone companies going the way of the Dodo?
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  8. if we got an IRC channel, would you guys log on?
  9. so who's who on the topaz facebook group?
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  11. where is the famed topaz weekend activity?
  12. a look at IE9
  13. interesting article relating to technology and "information overload"
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  15. Topaz mentioned on Something Awful forums
  16. Some RL help needed
  17. I'll be getting WiMax soon!
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  19. i got us a month of free advertising on a small site
  20. Group: Topaz Personally
  21. Exams.
  22. 2 year old smokes like a pro (updated with new link)
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  24. reason why I might seem a little curt lately
  25. My piece offering.
  26. Wocka Wocka Wocka
  27. hey im new (i dont know what to do.)
  28. my affair with Google Chrome is OVER
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  30. What's your mood?
  31. School Again
  32. The most frequently updated version of my D&D events is NOT at Topaz.
  33. Quinns Gloating corner!!!
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  36. happy 1000
  37. ghosts????????
  38. Happy New Year Everyone!
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  41. Annoying Things in Life
  42. Recruiting Help
  43. the spambot issue, users pruned
  44. new site design
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  46. Double posting problem...
  47. another funny picture thread, by zero (read the warning - potentially offensive)
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  51. to make up for my absence
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  59. Merry Christmas
  60. Have you ever had a dream about Topaz?
  61. School etc.
  62. Are we headed towards Orwell's 1984?
  63. Reminisce/Nostalgia Thread.
  64. Merry Christmas everyone!
  65. Happy New Year!
  66. Dell can bite my ass
  67. MS Paint alternatives for Linux
  68. Thoughts on Undertale?